Friday, June 1, 2012

Moab or Bust

This trip to Moab was quite eventful.  The first two days we had 30-40 mph winds constantly and by Monday 3 out of the 4 Jeeps were out of commission.  By Saturday night, we were ready to pack up and leave if the wind didn't stop, luckily it did and we were able to have a nice couple of days.  Abby was sick the whole trip and was a major grump but at least Chloe was healthy and she was able to have a blast playing with her cousins.  So overall, I can't say this was my favorite trip to Moab, but any vacation is nice.

Stopping for lunch on the trail.  We tried to find a place that would be sheltered from the wind.  This place worked pretty good.
 Abby, Mom, and Chloe
 Chloe with Grandpa and Grandma
 My girls
 Chloe and Camryn
 What a good lookin' group (of Jeeps and men)
 Aaron going over the Golden Crack
 Something just looks wrong here!  Nope, totally normal.
 Chloe playing at the park
 Making music
 Chloe tackled Daddy while playing football!

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Tawna said...

Cute, Dev. I love 'em. Abby is just such a cutie (those eyes!), and Chloe is just a gorgeous kid. And both are silly. (Is that from their mom or their dad? hmm. Who can tell.) Love ya'!