Friday, May 30, 2014

Disney on Ice

Back in March, we had a girls night out at Disney on Ice with Heather, Ashley and Grandma Searle.  For weeks leading up to it, the girls kept asking who they would see and Abby was most excited about getting to see the Beast. So, throughout the whole show, she kept asking when the beast would come. When he finally did, she was so excited!  Chloe's favorite part was watching Aerial do her acrobats in the air.  I have to admit- it was pretty cool.  It was a really cute show and I think I had more fun watching the girls faces than actually watching the show!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Cross Eyed

For about a week, the girls thought it was hilarious to make themselves go cross eyed.  And because it was so funny, we had to get pictures right?


Chloe had Presidents day off, so instead of sitting around all day, we took a little trip to Cabellas.  The girls love seeing all the fish and checking out all the stuffed animals.  Plus it’s a great, free way to kill a few hours.

A day at the park

Ok, so I am totally going to be playing catch up and it is my goal to do at least one blog post a day until I catch up!

So way back in April, we went to spend the day with our friends. Chloe was on spring break so we got to spend the whole day instead of just the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day so after playing around at their house for a while, we packed up and headed to a local park.  It is so rare to find a park that actually has sand at it, and the kids were in heaven.  Then to top it off, the park had a huge zip line at it.  Chloe and Bentley loved going on it, but Abby was too scared to try. Her and Vienna stuck to the sand and the swings!