Sunday, November 24, 2013

15 weeks

As excited as we were to announce our latest pregnancy and have a spring baby, the Lord had other plans for our little family. Earlier this week, I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks and thus a spring baby is now not going to happen.  Luckily for me, Aaron was at home when it happened and was able to help me with everything.  I ended up having to go to the ER because I was loosing a lot of blood and needed help completing the miscarriage.  The hospital was nice enough to take little molds of the baby and do his hand and feet prints. They are so tiny it's amazing.  The baby was another boy and now we have another little boy angel to look over our family.

Pumpkin Patch

Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take the girls to the pumpkin patch for some fun.  Aaron was at work so he couldn't come (don't worry, we went back with him a few days later to pick out our pumpkins) so I invited my dad to come play with us.  This is our favorite pumpkin patch because it has so many fun things for the kids to and its free!  This year, they expanded it even more and added some slides and a mini haunted house.  As much fun as the new attractions were, the girls had the most fun in the corn pits.

Chloe got super ambitious and jumped off a five foot ledge into the corn pit.  Abby didn't want to miss out on the fun either but she only jumped from about a foot tall ledge.  After the corn pit, we did a few hay mazes, saw the petting zoo, and went on a hay ride.  It was a great way to spend a wonderful fall afternoon.

Farewell Party

My sister Amber recently got a new job which we were all thrilled about, however it is located in North Carolina so we knew her little family would be moving far away- (we were not so thrilled about that part).   Since she wanted to see everyone before she left, we had a huge farewell party.  It was packed with friends and family wishing Amber good bye. We had wonderful weather so we all hung out out back for the night.  I am sad to see her go and be so far away but it was a great opportunity for her so we wish her the best and look forward to visits home.

Crazy Hair Day

Chloe had her first crazy hair day at school and her's how it turned out.  Not bad for my first attempt.  The best part of her hair was when we took it out that night. It was so curly she didn't even look like herself ( I wish I got a picture of it).

Smore Night

We decided that before it got too cold, we would break out our little fire pit and have a hot dog roast. However, we waited too long and the night that we finally chose, there was a strong, cold wind and we were all freezing.  Now, I'm sure your thinking "good thing there was a fire near by". However, because of the wind, we couldn't get too close without sparks flying at us.  We invited our neighbors to come over as well, and despite the cold, the kids had fun with their friends and enjoyed eating their smores after dinner.

Michael's Baptism

My nephew Michael was baptized in September, and we were lucky enough to be able to attend his special day.  Since they live in Idaho and the rest of their families both live here in Utah, they figured it would be easier to have the baptism in Utah so everyone could come. It was a wonderful meeting and afterwards, we all went to my mom's house for a party.

We also got to take a weekend trip to Boise in August for another special nephew Luke's baptism.  However, I didn't do a great job at taking pictures that weekend, so words will have to do =).  We are so happy that both of our nephews made this important decision to be baptized. 

"Carving Pumpkins"

So this year, we kinda skipped over the whole carving pumpkins thing.  We had every intention of carving them, but time got away from us and so we ended up coloring our pumpkins instead.  The girls had a blast decorating every inch of their pumpkins (bottoms and all) and they turned out super cute.  Want to know the best part? No mess!!

Happy Halloween

This Halloween was jam packed with fun activities.  The day started off with our traditional jack-o-lantern pancakes and spooky purple eggs. After breakfast, we got ready for school and headed off to Chloe's Halloween parade and school party. I signed up to be room mom for her class this year, so I wanted to make sure the party was a hit. I think it was, and the kids in her class all seemed to have a great time.

 As soon as school was over, we headed over to Center street in Provo to do some trick-or-treating at the local stores.  My parents and niece Kadence met up with us there and that made it even more fun for the girls.  It was funny to see Abby get scared by anyone who had scary/gory costumes on.  Even if they were the ones handing out the candy, she wanted nothing to do with them and wouldn't get within five feet of them.

 After our feet got tired, we piled the kids in the car and headed over to the Cummings house for dinner and more trick-or-treating. We have gone trick-or-treating with them for the past few years, and our kids love going door to door with their cousins.  Luckily it wasn't too cold of a night, but after we finished the neighborhood the kids were tired and called it a night.  They came right in and started sorting and counting our their candy!  We finished up the night with hot cocoa and doughnuts and then put our tired kids in their jammies and into bed!
So yeah, it was a jam packed day, but so much fun!