Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BYU Duck Pond

For family home evening last night, we went to the BYU duck pond to feed the ducks and take a walk around the area.  For those of you who haven't been to the duck pond in a while, they have really spruced it up.  The pond now has a nice wooden walkway around it, and the old walking path just above it, now has tons of waterfalls and a stream all around it- it's well worth the trip.  The ducks weren't hungry, but we did see some turtles and the girls thought that was pretty cool.  After our walk, we headed up the the Creamery and got some ice cream. It was the perfect way to end a wonderful family night.

I love my Neighbors

I love living where we do. We have such awesome neighbors and at any given time a party is bound to happen.   For example, yesterday we went out back to get our pool out and play... the next thing we know there are about 8 kids and their moms out and we had a little pool party.  It's just so much fun, there are so many kids that are the same age as Chloe and Abby around to play with. Chloe has gotten so used to having friends out back to play with that when we go outside and no one is out she promptly asks me why they aren't out and can we call them to see if they can come out!  Anyways, I thought I would snap a few pictures of the kids (and mom's) playing.

Friday, April 13, 2012


After much anticipation and questions about the Easter bunny (where does he live, how does he get in our house, etc), Easter morning finally arrived and the girls couldn't be happier.  They ran around the house finding hidden eggs and gifts from the Easter bunny and ended up with some full baskets.  Chloe got a doll washing machine and some stick on earrings, while Abby got some new jewelry and her very first Barbie.

 After the hunt, we got ready for church in our adorable new dresses that my mom made for us. I had planned on making the dresses myself, but time got away from us and since she is much quicker than me, she made them (maybe I'll do their Christmas dresses this year).  Before church we also sat down and watched a beautiful video about our Savior and the first Easter morning.  It was nice to watch with the girls and discuss what Easter really is about.  Some of the most beautiful words ever spoken: "He is not here, for He is risen."

 After Church we headed to my cousin Janelle's house for dinner and yet another egg hunt, and once again the girls had a blast grabbing all the candy around.  One thing we found out this year about Abby is that she LOVES chocolate.  In most of these pictures, she has a mouth full.

Easter Saturday

On Saturday, we celebrated Easter with Aaron’s family.  We went to his parents house for an egg hunt and a picnic dinner.  The weather was beautiful and we all enjoyed being outside.  Abby loved finding all the eggs scattered around the grass and Chloe had fun finding the eggs that were hidden a little harder. 

 Me and my girls
 Ashley, Jackie, David, Abby, Owen, Elissa and Chloe
 Bob, Mike, Travis and Aaron 
Playing with Grandma 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ages and Stages

I took the girls in to the doctor on Monday for Chloe's 4 year and Abby's 15 month check-ups.  They are both as healthy as can be and still the cutest kids in the world (okay, I might be a little biased on that opinion but I can be =)).  Here are their stats.

Chloe: 4 years old
Weight: 28lbs - 3rd percentile
Height: 37 1/2 in - 7th percentile
BMI:  14 - 19th percentile

Abby: 15 months old
Weight: 19lbs - 22nd percentile
Height: 30in - 42nd percentile
Head Circumference: 18in - 76th percentile
Teeth: 8
Words she says/signs: mama, dada, grandpa, up, cheese, juice, shoes, thank you, more, all done
Animal Sounds: cow, monkey, dog