Friday, November 9, 2012

The New Place

Well, after being in our new home for a full month plus, we are finally feeling settled and are loving the house. It's a 4 bedroom , 2.5 bath on a 1/4 acre with an extra big two car garage that Aaron loves. Without further ado, here are some pictures of our new home.

Our home (yard to come in the spring)

Master bedroom

Master bath

Abby's room

Nursery (will decorate sometime before the baby comes)

Kids bathroom

 Desk nook

Chloe's room


Living room (furniture to come sometime)

Family room


The view from our backyard.

The "toy room" =)

The hallway

The mudroom

Half bath

There it is! We love it and are very that we have ALMOST everything fixed that is =). Who would have though that a brand new house would require so much work? Feel free to stop by and see it for yourself anytime!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

For breakfast on Halloween, the girls helped me make jack-o-lanterns pancakes and green eggs.  However, I learned that my kids don't like pancakes with chocolate chips in them so they didn't eat much breakfast. Oh well!

 Then we had Grandpa Ron stop by to see the girls in their fairy costumes and it was off to Aaron's work party.  As always, there was trick-or-treating to each cubical and then treats in the conference room.  This year after the party was over, we noticed that there were tons of people trick-or-treating up and down Center street. We figured since we were right there, we might as well hit up a few stores.  The girls were troopers and walked the whole way! Every time I would ask Chloe if she wanted to turn around or go just a little farther, she would always say go farther.
 Abby loved every minute of it as well and loved getting candy! That girls is a candy addict!  When we finally got home from round two of trick-or-treating, we had a quick dinner and then headed out for round three.  We walked all around the neighborhood and now we have more candy than we know what to do with. We finished of the evening with hot chocolate and a Halloween movie.

Carving Pumkins

We lucked out this year and had warm weather on the day that we carved pumpkins, so we decided to keep the mess outside and so we carved the pumpkins in the garage. It was great because we could let the kids go to town on their pumpkins and not have to worry about it spilling on the floor.

This was the first year that Chloe actually wanted to touch the pumpkin guts with her hands and she loved it. Abby on the other hand complained every time some got on her hand and had to wipe it off.  First the kids colored their pumpkins and then told us what they wanted us to carve on it.  We had a lot of fun and the pumpkins turned out adorable (well mine was supposed to look really cool but yeah... it kinda flopped. That's the last time I use a patterns to cut out a face).

Party Time

This past Sunday, the Searles held a little family Halloween party at their house. All we knew coming into it was that we were supposed to wear hats and make sure that we weren't wearing too nice of clothes.  After we had our salad we figured out why.  When the main dish of spaghetti was served, it was plopped down in front of us right onto the table without any plates! Luckily for us, we still got to use forks to eat it with.  The sauce also was filled with rats, cockroaches, and spiders which the kids thought was so gross!

The Family
Ashley and Owen

 Yum Yum Travis
 After dinner, we played some fun games and just enjoyed the evening.  Aaron won the best hat, but go figure- I didn't get a picture of him. I'll have to get one from Bob later.  Thanks again Barbara Ann for a great night!
All Abby ate that night was candy!
 Aaron playing the M&M game