Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dirty Dash

Last Saturday, Aaron did the corporate Dirty Dash with a group of co-workers.  He had such a great time and was covered from head to toe in mud.  I wanted to do it with him but since it was the corporate one, I couldn't.  However, we are planning on running it together this September.  Aaron had so much fun that I think he found himself a new hobby!
Team Connect (before)

 One of these thing is not like the others =)

We were standing too close to the finish line and we all got splattered with mud!

Man he's dirty!

Super Aaron

Check out those muscles!

Love Chloe's face in this picture!

Team Connect (after)


Kari said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun! Can you get hosed off or how do you get home? Aaron Searle would not allow that mud in his car!! :)

Tawna said...

Awesome! Looks like so much fun!! Aaron DID get a litttle dirty. ;) I love Chloe's face with the mud smattering. Go team Connect! (Go Aaron!)

Aaron and Devon said...

They have a place to rinse off. There was no way I'd let him in my car like that.