Thursday, June 21, 2012

Aquarium of the Pacific

Last week we took a week long vacation to Southern California and packed it full of fun activities.  One Monday, we took the girls to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We thought the kids would love to see all the fish and pet the sharks- boy were we mistaken.   They liked the aquarium for about an hour and we couldn't convince Chloe to touch any of the animals.  We finally bribed her with starbursts and she touched a shark for about .02 seconds!  She'll think it is cool when she grows up =).  Aaron and I were able to pet a jellyfish, a shark, and a sting ray... so at least we had a good time.

 Love Abby's face in this picture!

 While we were there, we went into a little bird atrium and were able to feed some parakeets.  Chloe was surprisingly not scared to do that!

 After the aquarium, we had time to spare so we drove to the Santa Monica Pier and walked around for a bit. I had the Beach Boys song about being on "Santa Monica boulevard" stuck in my head the whole time.

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