Monday, June 25, 2012

Coronado Beach

Our last full day of vacation was spent at the beach.  We went to Coronado beach and played all day.  The day started off overcast and a little chilly but it eventually warmed up and the sun broke through.  Despite the cooler temperature, we still went in the water and splashed around. It was the girls first time playing in the ocean and Chloe loved it. Abby wasn't too sure about the water but she did love playing in the sand.

We mainly spent the day digging in the sand and searching for shells and for the girls, that was enough! Aaron dug a big hole and we buried him in it.  We also convinced Chloe and Abby to let us bury them as well.  Abby didn't like it too much, but Chloe thought it was fun.

 Abby just threw sand into Aaron face in this picture. I thought it was too funny not to post =).

After the beach, we went back to the hotel and got cleaned up for dinner. We found a cute little place with ocean front dining and were able to eat and watch the sunset over the ocean.  The restaurant was by Ocean beach and so after dinner we walked around for a bit and watched some surfers.  It was a great way to end the trip.


Simonds Family said...

Fun! Did you know it was just voted Americas's no.1 beach?

Tawna said...

Coooooolllll. Did Abby know she threw that in his face? ha. I like the pics of them being buried. And it does look like everyone is having fun. Yay yay YAY. The end.