Friday, July 6, 2012

Adult Slip-n-Slide...Our Kind of Fun!

A couple weeks back, Aaron and his counselors planned an Elder's Quorum activity that featured, among other things, an adult-sized slip-n-slide. It was so much fun, but also a little intimidating at first. I mean, it has been along time since I have run full speed and jumped onto a slip-n-slide. To help make it more slippery, we poured tons of dish soap all over it. This also made it more fun for the kids to play on...and got them squeaky clean at the same time. All the guys had a competition to see who could make it the farthest. Aaron made it to the end of the 100 foot slide and even went off of it a few times!

In addition to the slip-n-slide (and BBQ, of course), there were four wheeler rides, pony rides and paddle boats! It was an awesome activity and everyone had a great time. A special thanks to the Hutchings for letting us use their property.

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