Monday, July 16, 2012

4th of July

This fourth of July was probably one of the most enjoyable ones we have had in years.  As per tradition, all of Aaron's family came into town for the week of the fourth and so the week was full of family events.  
We started the fourth off by going to the parade in Provo with all of the girls' cousins. We set up a shade tent this year and it made the parade so much more pleasant because we weren't all baking in the sun.  We even got clever this year and brought our own candy to throw to the kids since they don't throw much anymore at the parade. The kids loved it!
All  the cousins

 Go BYU!
 Daddy and Abby
 My sweet girls

 After the parade, we headed to the Searles for the rest of the day. Usually we have tons of games, activities, crafts, decorations, etc and it is so much work!  This year, we got smart and cut majority of that stuff out and we were able to just enjoy the day hanging out with family.  

 Maddie, Ashley, Chloe and Gracie
 All the cousins... well most of them =)
 Showing off their look from the "bomb hunt"
 Paula, Heather, Robin, Alison, Me, Barbara Ann
 Matt, Bob, Mike, Aaron, Travis
 Abby and Conner playing with the ice
 We ended the day with our own little firework show and then put our exhausted kids in the car and headed home. I don't think Chloe woke up until 10:30 the next morning!

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