Friday, May 18, 2012


My grandparents came into town last week so we went up to my parents house to spend the afternoon with them.  My cousin Megan and her kids met up with us as well.  The kids saw the toy Mustang and went cruising around the neighborhood.  I could just see Chloe in 12 years driving around with her friends and lets just say, she has a lot of learning to do!

Chloe and Koby
Parking the car
Abby loved to chase after the car
Abby and Grandpa  (she was ready for a nap)
Chloe and Lincon

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Tawna said...

Oh man---keep those keys away from her in a few years! It'll be too much! (Okay, she'll be a pro by then so actually you can totally trust her to drive.)