Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Good Stats

I took the girls to the doctor for Chloe's 3 year check up and Abby's 2 month check up and their stats were pretty good. Chloe is not a fan of going to the doctor and when he started his check up on her, she lost it. She tried to be tough but it didn't last, and before we knew it, the tears were flowing. Then to top it off, she had to get a shot and Abby had 3 so I had two screaming children to carry out to the car- yeah, it was fun!

Weight- 26lbs. (6.86 percentile, we were so excited that she wasn't off the charts, at her 2 year check up she was in the 0.8 percentile)
Height 35 in. (7.63 percentile)
Body Mass Index- 15.06 (29.65 percentile, it was in the 1st percentile last year)

Weight-10.87 lbs. (46.94 percentile, nice and average)
Length 23.25 in. (79.26 percentile)
Head Circumference 15.1 in (35.46 percentile)


Rochelle said...

Abby is going to outweigh Chloe in no time! And Paden was so much worse than Brendon when I took them in for their 3 year/4 month...

Barbara Ann Searle said...

Even with messy hair she is still beautiful. We are thankful for these to precious girls. Our hearts burst with love. Kiss them both for me. Grandma Barbara Ann