Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smarty Pants

Chloe has been cracking me up lately with some of the sentences that she has been saying. She has been using a lot of big words that I don't think most three year olds know (let alone use in sentences). Here are some examples of the sentences she is using.

"He is gorgeous."
"That guy looks funky."
"She is beautiful."
"I can hardly see anything in here."
"I figured you wanted to push me on the swing."
"These are similar."
"I actually want this one."
"Now, you go over there Daddy because you are annoying me!"
"Are you kidding me?"


justjen said...

smarty pants indeed! Love it she is a doll!

Tawna said...

Was she looking at a picture of me when she used the word "beautiful"? ;) juuust kidding! She's so cute. What was Aaron's reaction to the "annyoing" one? I don't know how a parent could help but laugh!! haha