Friday, March 4, 2011

Serious Bedhead

Chloe woke up this morning with some serious bedhead. It was just too crazy not to take a picture. I embarrassed her when I told her I was going to take a picture of her, so she didn't want to smile for me, but she would stick her tongue out. She is such a girl when it comes to having her hair messy and not wanting anyone to see it. I will tell her that her hair is messy when she wakes up and she will try running her fingers through it to try to fix it.

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Tawna said...

haha. I remember when I stayed at your house the morning Abby was born and took a nap on your couch (burrying my head in the pillow ;) ha). When I heard Chloe wake up I went to get her and she looked at me and the first thing she said was, "Do you need a brush?" haha. She and I relate, my lil' Chloe-loey-head and I. :)