Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Fun

When I told Chloe this morning that it had snowed all night, the first thing she asked me was "Can I go outside and play in the snow"? I told her that she had to wait until Abby was asleep and it warmed up a little. She continued to ask me all morning and finally after lunch, I bundled her up and we went out to play. Granted she only lasted about 15 minutes but she still had fun. She even tried to ride her car in the snow (it didn't work too well for some strange reason=)).

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Tawna said...

Don't worry, her lil' hot pink scarf is almost half way finished! It'll be coming along soon to help that lil' one play in the snow for longer. (That child needs some real snow gloves and pants! I know I know...they grow out of them. But at least the gloves so she can throw real snowballs for an hour at Mom!)