Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The girls must have been good this year cause come Christmas morning, there were tons of presents under our tree!  The first thing the girls saw when they came down was a new bike for Chloe and a new scooter for Abby.  These were two of the things that the girls asked Santa for. Chloe also asked for a giant stuffed cat or unicorn and "anything art". She ended up with a huge unicorn that is as big as she is and a backpack that you get to color yourself. Abby asked for bubble tape gum and a cookie mixer (a.k.a. toy stand mixer). She got both as well as a giant stuffed bear.

Waiting to come down stairs.

Mom and dad got them some cool toys as well and of course some new clothes. They also got an awesome present from Grandma and Grandpa Searle- a WII! They were so excited and wanted to set up right away.

As usual, Aaron out did himself and surprised me by getting me a IPad mini.  I LOVE it! The kids were excited for it too because it meant that my kindle now became theirs!
After we finished opening presents at our house we headed over to my mom's for brunch and more presents.
The aftermath! 

 Melinda had Aaron's name for Christmas this year and the only thing he told her that he wanted was a new Jeep.  Well I guess next time he needs to be more specific as to what kind of Jeep cause she bought him a remote control one! 

Booties ornament for Max

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