Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas Eve

Growing up, Christmas Eve consisted of hanging out with family, eating finger foods, playing games, and playing the present game.  We still keep those traditions alive and I love it!  It was so fun to have so many extended family members there with us and it was even more fun because Melinda and her boyfriend Dustin flew in for Christmas as well.

 The girls and I figured why sit at home and wait for Aaron to get home before we headed to my mom's house, so we went up early and spent the day. The girls really wanted to go sledding in Grandma's backyard, but I forgot their snow clothes. However, did that stop them-no! Tawna put Chloe in her jacket and Abby borrowed Kiara's snow clothes. Chloe looked so cute it this huge coat, I couldn't help but snap a picture.
After they were done sledding, everyone started to arrive and the party got started.

 I love my family so much and it was such a fun night hanging out with all of them. It also didn't hurt that I scored a super cute frame for one of the girls room in the present game. It was an all around great night. Before we knew it, it was time to head home so that Santa could come! That got the girls out the door in a flash and they searched for Rudolph's nose the whole way home.

 Nice hat Tawna!

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Tawna said...

You forgot to mention that Chloe was also wearing my giant wool socks :). And you're welcome for the almost-bunny ears I tried to give Dad in that picture.