Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with Dad

We had our annual December 23rd Christmas celebration with my dad and had a great time.  Amber had flown in just that day so it was fun getting to see her and her family.  The kids wasted no time after dinner opening presents and they were so excited about everything they got.  They were even more excited about their big gifts from grandpa. Chloe got a Brave bow and aarow set (don't worry, it had suction cups on the end and not sharp tips) and Abby got a Rapunzel doll.

 After a mini lesson from Aaron, Chloe got pretty good at shooting her aarows. Abby enjoyed playing with her doll and her crazy aunts!  I made my dad a photo calendar with everyone's birthdays printed on it so that he won't ever forget a birthday again (well for at least this year).
Christmas on the 23rd is always a fun day and we love spending our special holiday with my dad!

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