Monday, August 12, 2013

River Run

This year was the first year we felt our kids were big enough to float down the Provo River with the family while they were all here for the Fourth. It's become a bit of a tradition and we were excited to finally get to join this year. There were about 30 of us in all that went down and the girls loved trying to catch up to different members of the family that were ahead of us or watching for people behind us to catch up.

I was surprised at how shallow the river is in most parts, and that made me feel better about taking the kids. Needless to say the water was freezing and by the time we were done, we had lost all feeling on our backsides! We didn't get a tube for Abby because she is too tiny to sit in one alone, so she sat on my lap the whole time and enjoyed just putting her toes in the water. Chloe froze within the first 10 minutes and ended up on Aaron's lap for the rest of the ride with her tube in tow. The whole trip only took about 45 minutes so the majority of the group headed up for another run.

After we were all floated out, we continued up the canyon to South Fork Park for a picnic. We had beautiful weather the whole day right up until we finished dinner. Then, of course, a huge thunder storm rolled. Luckily, Matt and Paula happen to have had a canopy in their car so we quickly set it up and were able to stay dry. We all huddled under it and waited for the storm to pass. While we waited, we started singing silly camp songs and had a great time. It was fun hearing all the different variations of the same songs from each family member. Most of the guys gave up on singing and played football in the rain.

Abby found Grandpa during the storm because she was scared of the thunder and lightning. She snuggled with him like this for a good 30 minutes. =)

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