Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Grotto Trail

I have been wanting to hike the Grotto Trail in Payson Canyon for quite some time now and with Aaron having some time at home before he started his new job, I figured now would be a good time to finally do it. We invited the Cummings to come with us and are so glad they could make it. Chloe and Abby love playing with Ashley and Owen and having them along with us always makes for an enjoyable trip.

 This hike was just the right length for our kids and it had a bunch of fun bridges to cross over. It takes you to a small waterfall with a pool of water at the base of it. It was really cold water, so the kids didn't want to go in it. However, Aaron grabbed each kid and dunked their heads in it. They thought it was so funny and tried to get out of it by running away, but he got them all! It was a great way to spend the afternoon and I'm glad we finally got around to doing it.

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