Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bye Bye Training Wheels

We took the training wheels off of Chloe's bike last night and she took off like a pro.  It only took her a few tries to be able to get going by herself and now she has got it down. She was so proud of herself and we spent the next hour riding her bike up and down the street.  Abby also has recently learned to peddle her tricycle and so we took a video of her riding too. 

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Tawna said...

WHY do you have such adorable children?! ha. Um, cute cute pictures. And love the videos. Chloe is a pro!!! And I seriously laughed out loud at Abby peddling after Chloe in the first video. So great. Love these! Keep 'em comin' sista'. (And I'll keep droppin' letta's.)