Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What might have been...

With my due date being this Saturday, I am trying hard not to think about what might have been had things worked out differently. Since I always have my babies a week early, right now I would be holding my sweet little one in my arms and probably be getting ready to bring him home from the hospital. However, the Lord had other plans for our little family and now with my due date passing, I think I will fully be able to move forward. Overall, I would say that our family is doing well and that we are happy. The girls still talk about Max and we have some lovely reminders of him around the house. Aaron's sister, Heather, had this picture done for us and we have it hanging with our other family pictures. It was taken on a beach in Western Australia specifically for our little Max. You can read more here and here

Heather also shared with us a lovely saying. It reads:

"Dear Lord, I wish I could have held him in my arms and told him about you, but since I cannot, will you please hold him in your arms and tell him about me."

I wish I could have taught Max the many things I had hoped to in this life, but instead, because of him I have learned so much more about the gospel, and my testimony has grown stronger. So, even though things didn't work out as planned, I am so grateful for the experience and the opportunity I had to bring Max into this world even for such a short time. Although he is not with us physically now, he will always be in our thoughts and he will always be part of our family. We miss him terribly and can't wait until we can be with him again


Tawna said...

I love you, Dev. Your family is beautiful. Grateful for your testimony and eternal perspective.

Kari said...

I love that quote, so very tender and sweet.

So grateful to you for sharing this, and love your testimony.

Jon and Kim said...

Oh Devon, I am so sorry! I haven't had the same experience, but I have had two miscarriages. And when my due dates came around, it was so strange to think about what life would have been like if I was holding my little one in my arms. You are such wonderful people. I pray that you will find peace through the Atonement to help sustain you through difficult times.