Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rice Krispy Houses

I had read on Pinterest that someone made their gingerbread houses out of rice krispy treats and I thought that it was a brilliant idea.  So, for family home evening on Monday night, we went over to my mom's house and made our rice krispy houses.
We wanted to make them kinda sticky so that they would stick together while forming the house shape and in that aspect it worked perfectly. However, since we didn't wait for them to harden up, by the end of the night our houses were starting to droop.

 After showing Abby how to put frosting on the house and then stick the candy on, she needed no further instructions either. She would get her knife, put the frosting on her house, lick the remaining frosting off the knife, eat a bite off of her candy and then stick the other part on her house.
 Chloe killed me with her creativity.  She knew just what she wanted to put where and needed no prompting from mom or dad. Her house by far had the most candy. By the end, I don't think you could tell  that there was a rice krispy treat under all that candy and frosting.

We all had a good time and the best part was getting to eat the houses right after we finished. I mean, come on, who wants to just stare at all that yummyness when you can eat it!

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