Monday, December 31, 2012

Jungle Jim's

The McKinlay family came into town for the holidays a few weeks back and one of the days they were here, we took all the kids to Jungle Jim's. It is a mini amusement park filled with rides specially designed for young kids.  After following the kids for the first few rides to make sure they knew what to do ( and of course get some photos) we set them loose and were able to just sit and watch them go from ride to ride.  We were there for over four hours and the kids could have kept playing for another four.

Chloe, Ashley, and Maddie 
 Maddie and Chloe
 Camryn and Chloe
 Abby and Ashley
 Luke and Owen
 Chloe and Abby
 Chloe and Camryn
 Abby (she was so proud that she could ride this all by herself)
 Paula and a very 'happy' Connor
 Heather and Abby (Heather was a lifesaver and helped me put Abby on all the rides)
 All the cousins

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