Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letter to Santa

Chloe wrote her very first letter to Santa this year - with a little bit of help - and it is so cute. She wrote all the things she wants all by herself and drew a picture of Santa (big belly and all). At first, she only had two things on her list, but then she told me that, "that's not a lot of toys," so we added one more to the list. I had to remind her that Mom and Dad give her presents, too. My favorite part of the letter writing experience was when she told me to remind Santa to take off his shoes when he comes into our house! What a silly cutie!

We also mailed using a special mail box that goes directly to the North Pole. Plus, if you include a stamped envelope, Santa will personally write a letter back. So within a few days, Chloe should be receiving a letter back from Santa. =)

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