Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

It has long since been a tradition that we spend the 23rd of December with my Dad and have our family Christmas with him on that day. We always have a great time and look forward to our favorite traditional gifts from dad: a rock, super glue, pencils and a candle. This year, he surprised us all with a cute puffy vest. Chloe loved opening all her presents and every time Dad would ask if there was anyone named Chloe there, she would giggle and get super excited (that doesn't adequately describe it, but oh well). Abby was indifferent to it all, but she did like playing with the wrapping paper.
Me, Amber and Tawna
Dad and Kelly
Amber and Casey
Grandpa and Chloe

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Tawna said...

You remember that the tradition used to be Thanksgiving? Christmas on Thanksgiving? That's what I think of. This is a substitute. ;) Lovin' so much celebration.