Friday, October 28, 2011

San Francisco

In San Francisco, we spent the day walking around on the waterfront and the piers. We also took a boat ride around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge. We ended the day driving down Lombard street.
At Pier 39, we stopped to see the sea lions and Abby was fascinated with them. She kept grabbing at the railing trying to reach them. We also found a little beach and stopped to play for a minute. Chloe liked putting her feet in the cold water and waiting for the next wave to come in. It was her first time in the ocean. in fact, it was also the first time seeing the ocean....she wasn't all that impressed. :)

The boat ride was fun because I had never been before. We went all around Alcatraz and under the bridge. It w a tour boat, so they shared fun facts the whole time as well. Did you know the Golden Gate Bridge did not get that name because of its color, but because the passage of water it spans was named the Golden Gate long before the bridge was ever even built? The kids thought it was fun, but by the end of a 90 minute ride around teh bay, they had both fallen asleep.

By the time we got to Lombard Street it was too dark to get great pictures but it was still fun to say that we drove down it...I don't know how people stand actually living on it with all the tourists constantly driving down it.

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