Friday, October 28, 2011

Golden Gate Bridge

Since we packed so many fun things into our trip to California, I have decided to do a bunch of mini posts instead of one huge one. So, the next few posts will all be from our trip.

We spent a night in San Francisco and the next day we headed out to Muir Woods. In order to get there, we got to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. We stopped so we could walk over it; however, the sidewalk on teh end of the briedge we stopped at was closed, so we couldn't walk across it without driving back towards San Fancisco and paying the toll. Oh well, we got some fun pictures anyways and now we can say we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge.

My newest favorite picture of our beautiful girls.

Devon on the walkway to the bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Our Family

Driving over the bridge.


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