Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lake Tahoe

Our last stop on our trip was Lake Tahoe. We really didn't have anything specific planned for while we were there, just drive and stop whenever we want. This was my first time in Tahoe and it was beautiful. I don't know how I grew up in California and was never taken there.

We stopped and took a short two mile (round trip) hike to the Vikingsholm Castle. It was closed for the season so we couldn't go in, but we could peek in a few windows and walk around the grounds. We were so proud of Chloe because she walked almost the whole way! What a little trooper. We kept her walking by letting her find acorns to fill her pockets with.

Aaron's favorite part of the trip was driving to the beginning of the famous Rubicon Jeep trail head. He is planning a trip for next Labor day to go on it with is dad and brother-in-law. Just seeing it got him excite. Now he just has to figure out how to get everyone's Jeeps there without having to drive them 10 hours there and back.

After driving around the lake, we got to our hotel and played in the pool/hot tub until bed. The next morning we packed up and headed home. We packed a lot into our vacation and drove over 2,500 miles, but we had a great time and got in a much needed vacation.

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Tawna said...

You end with a picture of Chloe and all I can say is, "I love that kid." :) Makes me smile.

Looks gorgeous! Can't believe we never went there either...but I guess we had our own beautiful lake that we went to twice a year already.

Glad you guys got in a vay-cay! Needed. Love ya'.