Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Tawna came home this weekend and so we had a marathon Halloween weekend. On Friday, we met at my mom's house for dinner and pumpkin carving. We didn't have any pumpkins to carve, so Tawna, Keith, Chloe and I ran to the store to get some. However, after trying two stores with no luck, we went down to Thanksgiving Point.

Since it was the day before Halloween, they were trying to get rid of their pumpkins. They were selling all of their pumpkins for only one dollar! We got six huge pumpkins for only six was awesome. We had a good time carving them and Chloe even helped out.

On Saturday, we stopped off at the Searle's for a little while and then headed to my parents house for trick-or-treating. Chloe figured out the whole process by the second house. She had a great time and loved putting treats in her pumpkin candy basket.

For dinner, we made some spooky foods: mummy dogs, witch fingers, eyeball tacos, monster brains, etc. It was kind of crazy trying to cook and get everything else done at the same time, but it was fun. We were all pooped out by the end of the evening.

Keith, Chloe, Tawna, Dad, Koby, Kelly, Amber and Kadence.

It was so fun to have Tawna here this weekend and we are all looking forward to her coming home for Christmas.


Tara Rickards said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time! You all looked so cute!

Chris and Molly Wambeke said...

Chloe was adorable! I love that lady bug costume!

Norine Mungo and Family said...

Hi Devon, just want to touch base with you and the family. So greatful to have found you. Was looking for a way to stay in contact with your mom and dad, and by accident came upon your blog site. I liked it so much that I started my own! LOL. Does your mom or dad have a site? Let me know, love you much and so happy to see you and your family!! Love, Norine

Aimee said...

Chloe looked so cute! Aimee

Tawna said...

Can't wait to see you guys again too! love ya'.