Monday, June 16, 2008

Manti Pageant

This past Saturday we went to Manti, Utah to see the Mormon Miracle Pageant. Aaron had never gone before and my dad really wanted to go. We got there before my dad and Tawna so we thought we would go walk around the craft fair. Well, we got to the fair only to realize that the whole "fair" could probably fit inside a standard sized living room and that the few booths that were there weren't anything spectacular. Aaron teased me to no end about this because I made him drive us up way early so we had plenty of time to see all the fun stuff at the craft fair, but in the end we just sat at a picnic table in the heat waiting for my dad and Tawna to arrive.

When they finally got there, we went to a BBQ turkey dinner put on by the church and WOW it was yummy. After dinner we went back to save our seats for the show, but since we had some time before it started, Aaron and I went to get a treat. I got an ice cold lemonade and Aaron got a chocolate covered frozen banana.
Chloe has recently started trying to grab everything in sight and when she saw Aaron's chocolatey banana we watched her eyes get wide and we could tell she just had to have it. So, we thought we would give her her first little taste of real food. As you can see she really enjoyed it!
By the time the sun was setting, the mosquitoes were coming out in droves so we got all bundled up and ready for the pageant. It was great and we were so glad that we made the hour and a half drive to see it.

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Anonymous said...


I love Chloe's face in these pictures! She is just such a doll. Those eyes sure were big with her first bite of banana! (I am sure that the banana is what she was loving...chocolate? nothing.)