Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chloe's Blessing

After a round of scheduled and cancelled dates for Chloe's blessing, it finally happened on April 13, 2008. We blessed her in our ward, the Kolob 11th Ward, and the following were in attendance:

  • Bob and Barbara Ann Searle
  • Heather, Travis, Ashley and Owen Cummings
  • Robin, Jeremy, Sam, Jesse, Evie and David Friedbaum
  • Ron Fowler
  • Norman and Diane Dollahite
  • Tawna Fowler
  • Amber Fowler
  • Aaron, Mara and Michael Dollahite
  • Ricky, Erica and Emma Scott
  • Sterling and Katie Hurd
  • James and Megan Huntington

The following participated in Chloe's blessing:

  • Aaron Searle
  • Bob Searle
  • Jeremy Friedbaum
  • Norman Dollahite
  • Aaron Dollahite
  • Ricky Scott
  • Sterling Hurd
  • James Huntington
  • Bishop Jeremy Hafen


Courtney said...

Hey this is Courtney Montierth (Ginos) from the Colony. I found your blog through my sisters. You guys look great. Funny thing, we had our second baby girl on Jan. 18. I lover her blessing dress.

Norine said...

Hi Devon, It is Norine Mungo! I have been searching the internet to find your Mom and Dad again. Thank Goodness you have this site! Do they also have a site? I went back to church this year. I am by myself in that, Vinny doesn't go, and the kids are all grown, but, it has been a blessing and I am glad I stuck to my guns this time! LOL. I am happy to see your family growing, wish I could visit sometime, miss you all very much! Please stay in touch, I have a face book, Norine Mungo so pass that on to your mom!!! Also, my phone number is 253-344-8026 and would love to hear from your mom is that is possible! Sprint network, so if she doesn't have that plan, then after 7 pm or weekends would be fine. If she doesn't mind the minutes, then neither do I and any time would be fine!!! LOL. Love you much, again, stay in touch! Norine and family