Tuesday, February 3, 2015

May 22, 2014- Awards Assembly

Chloe got a special award today in school.  It was for academic achievement and she was the only one in her class that got it. She got to go up in front of the whole school during an assembly to receive it and have everyone clap for her. I am so proud of her and for what a good student she is.

After the assembly, we headed up to Thanksgiving point to check out the new Natural Curiosity Museum.  It was amazing! There are so many things for the kids to explore, climb, build, etc.  The only downside of the day was that this was the last time we got to hang out with our best buds because they were moving to Arizona later on that week.  We will miss them, but plan to stay in touch.

 Vienna and Abby
 Bentley and Chloe
 Chloe, Bentley, Abby and Vienna

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Anonymous said...

You posted! Even if it is really old stuff. ;) I'm just glad to see yer faces. --Tawna