Monday, December 23, 2013


This year, we spent this Thanksgiving with my family. The Huntington clan and some Hurd's were able to join us which was so much fun and made for a large crowd. In my opinion, for the holidays the more family we have around the merrier.  It almost doesn't feel like a holiday unless we have 20+ people.

We started off the day with having a big breakfast with my dad. We all thought this would be a good idea so that we wouldn't be hungry for lunch and would be excited for a big dinner. However, I guess we ate too big of a breakfast cause we were still full for dinner. After we ate breakfast, my dad had the girls help him decorate for Christmas. They were pretty excited to have free reign on the decorating!

It was a beautiful fall day so we spent a few hours before dinner playing outdoor games. We had out boccie ball, badminton, basketball, croquet, and we even through a football around. It was so nice to be outside playing and I was bummed when the sun went down and it got cold.

Dinner was great and I enjoyed just hanging out with my wonderful family.  This past year has made us really appreciate the love and support of family.  Our families are truly amazing and we love them all so much. We were also grateful for Aaron's new job, which he would start in December.

After dinner was over and done with, we headed out for some shopping and I scored some great deals.  I also convinced my mom to come with me which made shopping on black Friday much more enjoyable.

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