Monday, December 23, 2013

Deer Valley Getaway

Heather and Travis invited us to go on a little weekend getaway trip to Deer Valley. They found a great deal and we shared a 3 room suite that had a kitchen in it- this way we could cook our own food and not have to go out every meal.

We went shopping, watched movies, swam in the pool, sat in the "hot hot bath tub" as Abby would call it, and went sledding.  It was a perfectly relaxing weekend and just what we needed at the time.

 On our way to the pool! It was too cold to just walk out in our swim suits so we all put on some robes and walked down. What a sight we made!
 Watching a movie in bed.

The day we went sledding was perfect. Normally it is freezing when we go sledding so our kids last about 30 minuted before they start complaining.  However, it was warm out so everyone actually enjoyed being outside and we spent a good 2 hours sledding.

 Abby loving being out in the snow.
 Love this face! She was having a blast.

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