Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Chloe went to her first day of kindergarten last week and even though I was nervous for her, she did great and is loving school. I am not sure what she loved more about her first day- going to school or wearing her new outfit!  I took her shopping the week before and told her she could pick out one outfit to wear on the first day of school. I had to steer her away from a few choices but I think we ended up with a winner. Chloe was also excited to pick our her new Barbie backpack and waited patiently for the first day of school so she could carry it to school.

 Her school's name is Amelia Earhart and her teacher is Mrs. Pace. Chloe has a few friends from church in her class so that is really fun for her too.  I had requested A.M. kindergarten, but since so many parents wanted it, I didn't get it, but so far it has been nice and we have to morning to just relax before school. Aaron was also able to work from home that day so he was able to drop her off and pick her up with us on her first day.  Chloe walked right in like a pro and didn't have any problems with us leaving, unlike me who as we were saying good bye, got a little teary eyed.

 I am so excited for her this year and love having her tell me all about what she learned/did at school that day. After we dropped Chloe off on the first day Abby asked "are we going to leave Chloe here?" it was really sweet. Here's to a great year!

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Tawna said...

I love the picture of Chloe and Abby. :) Sweeeeeeet girlie girls.