Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Chloe's "New Room"

Chloe has turned the closet in our spare room into her new room.  She has moved in her favorite toys, books, pj's, sleeping bag and a few other random things.  She has been playing in there for two days now and even refers to the closet as her room.  She told us that she wanted to sleep in there last night, but that lasted all of 5 minutes because it was too dark.  (To fill you in on her outfit, we had just come inside from playing in the snow and this is what she changed into.)

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Tawna said...

haha. She's such a dancer Diva at heart and doesn't even know it. :) (Referring to her outfit, and favorite activity of choice.) What a cutie. I miss her! Um...that spare room closet looks too organized for play! Sheesh. Better than my room. haha. (Yeah yeah, I'm workin' on it.)