Monday, January 28, 2013

Best Friends

The other day, Chloe and Abby's best friends Bentley and Vienna came over for a play date. Even though both families have moved farther away from each other, every time we get together the kids act like they just saw each other yesterday. It is always so much fun to play with them and there never seems to be enough time to play before one of us has to go home. I also get the added bonus of loving their mom, so it is as much of a treat for me to have them come over.

Vienna brought a birthday present for Abby...a matching shirt. :) We immediately had to try in on, and the girls looked so cute in their matching shirts. We of course had to take pictures of the girls, too. Thanks again!

Best friends

 Love these girls!

I tried to get a shot of Chloe and Bentley, too, but the cutest one was blurry...bummer! Oh well, this one will have to do.


Tawna said...

So stinkin' adorablllllleeeee!!!!! I love it love it. So cute!

Matt and Crystal said...

They are all too cute! I miss both of your families!