Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work of Art

Chloe loves to color. She literally could color all day long if I let her. However, she has a particular way of doing it. This picture shows what most of her coloring looks like. She will fill up pages and pages like this and not let us through a single one away. Even if she is coloring in a coloring book or with chalk, everything is multicolored. The best part is that once she uses a crayon, she will put it aside in a neat line and has to go through all the rest of the colors before she will use it again. What a funny little girl! I love her pictures though and have them all around the house.


lisamarie21188 said...

So cute!

Tawna said...

They are actually quite artistic and pretty! I see stuff like that on the covers of books, and in art museums of sorts. No lies! What a little talented cutie-miss you have on your hands! And I LOVE her!!!!!! (Tell her I said they are lovely!)