Thursday, June 16, 2011

Discovery Park

So I know that this park isn't new, but it was the first time that I had taken the kids there so I deemed it picture worthy =). This park reminds me of one that I would go to as a kid and it totally brought back some fun memories. We would always go to see a firework show at a park in Davis, California with all of my family and at this park, they had a huge wooden play area that we would play at and this park is pretty much the same.

I knew Chloe would love it and of course she did! While we were playing she told me what a cool park it was. Tawna is also in town, so she came along to play. Chloe loves to play with Tawna, whenever she comes home all Chloe wants to do is go to Grandmas so she can play with Tawna. She could care less if me or even Grandma is there to play, all she wants is Tawna. So sweet!

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