Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Four Months Old

We had Abby's four month Well-Child checkup with the doctor yesterday and to quote him on how she is doing, "She is a perfectly healthy baby, good job!" That is always good to hear. She is up to 12.5 lbs. which puts her in the 21st percentile and her length is in the 88th percentile. She is 25.5 inches long- holy cow- that means she has grown six inches in the past four months! She is getting so big and is such a fun baby (most of the time).


lisamarie21188 said...

She's sooooo dang cute Devon! I can't believe how much she looks like you :)

Tawna said...

Most of the time...what does that even mean?! ;) Cute pics sista'.

Annie said...

ADORABLE pictures! She is soooo cute!