Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Abby Laughing

Abby has been laughing for quite a while now but whenever I get the camera out to video her, she stops laughing. However, tonight I got a few good chuckles on video. She wasn't super giggly but you get the picture. I also recorded a little bit of Chloe in because I haven't got a video of her for a while (so that part probably isn't too interesting for you so you can just stop watching after Abby laughs =).


Michaela said...

Unfortunately this video won't load. I would have loved to see it!

Also. You are most definitely NOT one of the bad teachers I've worked with over the years. You and Bre were both fantastic and great examples! Thank you for all that you did for me!

p.s. Your girls are just too cute to be allowed. Good luck when they get older and boys start to notice them! Hah!

Tawna said...

I am glad you caught some of that on video. Soon soon soon. And I am glad you videod Chloe just playing too. I need to see that. I'm going to have to try that chair-to-couch trick out and see what people think. A good party trick, I'm told. ;)