Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prima Ballerina

Chloe has decided that she can only dance while in a dress. If she has the desire to dance, she will run up to her room, throw off her clothes, and toss on a dress/skirt. When Grandma found out about this, she just had to buy Chloe a little tutu and leotard shirt. Thanks Grandma!

She looked so cute all decked out in her outfit that I just couldn't help myself from taking pictures of her. She is definitely going to be a dancer or singer when she grows up. Here are some pictures of our little prima ballerina and a video of her dancing and singing. Sorry it's sideways, I always forget that camcorders are not like cameras.


Natalie said...

Such a cute video! I loved hearing your voice too. We need to do a big get together with all the Cascade folks. I miss all my friends!

Kari said...

There were 2 other girls at church wearing it in blue too! Popular dress I guess!

OK, Addie and Chloe would make great friends... they could dance and dress up all day long together!

We are moving to Redding the first week of June, so we'll definitely be there when you come out later. We HAVE to see you guys!!

Tawna said...

ahhh!! My niece is seriously the cuuutest! hahaha. I LOVE love love love those pictures of Chloe and her cutesy grin! And such a cute outfit.

Chris and Molly Wambeke said...

That is SO adorable! Chloe is such a cutie! It would be so fun to get her and Eva together to play!

Grandma Searle said...

What can we say? We love her so much and can't help but buy girlie outfits in pink. She is prescious in our sight. Can we adopt her? You have to promise to bring her over every other day when you quit work. Grandma Searle