Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Living Planet Aquarium

Since Aaron and I both had President's Day off yesterday, we thought it would be nice to go do something fun as a family. However, it rained all day, so that limited our options. We ended up going to The Living Planet Aquarium and had a great time. Chloe loved looking at all the fish and we saw lots of cool sea creatures...right here in UTAH!

Chloe posing for pic

Say Cheese!

Mom , Chloe and a huge frog!
Chloe pointing out "Nemo"
Daddy and Chloe


Kari said...

Looks fun! Chloe is getting so big! Where is this place? I've never heard of it!

Tawna said...

I was wondering the same thing-- where is this place? Super fun.

Aaron and Devon said...

It is in Sandy.

Paula said...

These pictures make us miss you guys sooo much! Can't wait for Memorial Day!!!!