Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with the Searles

This year, it was our turn to spend Christmas day with the Searle family. We spent the morning at Aaon's sister's house and then had dinner at his parents. Aaron's sister Paula and her family came down from Idaho this year which was so much fun and made Christmas morning even bigger. We had four different families opening presents, which made for five hours of opening gifts, five huge bags of garbage, lots of treats and a few jealous cries (mainly from Chloe, who didn't like anyone else playing with her toys).

Santa brought Chloe a big red Radio Flier wagon and she loved it. She spent most of the morning climbing in and out of it and the rest of the morning playing in the tent and tunnel that she also got from Santa. We weren't sure if she would like the tunnel, but she loved it. We have had it up in our bedroom ever since Christmas. Chloe also loves her new baby with a stroller, high chair and crib that she got from Grandma and Grandpa.

Aaron got some more stuff for the Jeep and I got a memory foam topper for our mattress. I have been sleeping like a baby ever since. I also got a new tripod for my camera and some new clothes. I surprised Aaron with a BYU car flag and a year subscription to JP Magazine.

Chloe was so excited to open presents and she was constantly telling us that "ho ho" (Santa) was bringing her toys. Her favorite Christmas song has been "Santa Clause is coming to Town". I would sing the part "Santa Clause is coming..." then Chloe would finish in a high falsetto voice "to town."

Chloe has just loved this whole Christmas season. She points out all the reindeer, Santas, snowmen, lights and trees that she sees. She will be sad to see it all go, but I think all her new toys will ease the pain. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

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