Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas with the Dollahites

Our final Christmas was with my family. My brother and his family came in from Idaho and my sister, Melinda, finally came in from Ohio...after having her flight canceled multiple times, she finally made it in 3 days late. It was so much fun having the whole family in town for Christmas. We haven't all been together for Christmas for about 4 years.

We put off having Christmas until Melinda got there, which meant we had Christmas on the 27th. After church, we all went to my mom's house, had dinner, opened presents and played the present game.

With all her newfound experience, Chloe didn't even need to be told to open presents...she just went to town. Her favorite present was the toy pizza that "cut" into pieces and had cheese and red peppers that you could shake on. My parents got Aaron some jeep stuff (what a surprise, huh?) and I got some scrapbook stuff and a beautiful cream-colored coat (that I will hardly get to wear because I am a mom, but hey, I love coats).

It was a wonderful way to end the Christmas season and, of course, it has been a wonderful time to reflect on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his birth.

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