Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wheels on the Bus

Chloe's new favorite song is the Wheels on the Bus. She constantly goes around the house asking for "bus," meaning that she wants us to sing the song to her. I got a good video of her doing in on our camcorder but I have yet to figure out how to take it from the camcorder to the computer. So, I took this video on our digital camera and it will have to do for now. Chloe was a little spacey but it's still cute. Enjoy!


Tawna said...

You know I love this. :) Her 'close' is so manly..;) haha, kidding. She is as cute as can be. I miss you guys! Thanks so much for posting this.

love T

Michaela said...

Haha, this is way cute! Grace agrees, she says that you have a cute baby. :)