Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Well, since the end of September is creeping up on us, I figured it was about time to post about our Labor Day weekend activities. For the past few years, it has been tradition to go to Moab with Aaron's parents and his sister Heather's family. We all have big Jeeps and the guys have fun going on the hard trails and taking us girls along on the easier, shorter ones. In the evenings we usually walk the Moab strip, go to parks and just relax in the Searle's air-conditioned trailer. :)

We figured Chloe was finally old enough to go on a "real" trail ride. She somehow managed to sleep through most of it and had a fun time getting tossed around in her car seat for the rest of it.

I'm still too chicken to drive the Jeep on any of the trails, but maybe one of these years I will get up the nerve to do it. Only time will tell! I have a hard time picking out pictures to post from our trips for two reasons: first, they just don't do it any justice at all and second, I don't know what ones are from what trail (they all look the same to me), but here are a few shots of the action.


Tawna said...

The little cutie, Chloe, drivin' the car. :) Those trails look so cool! Aaron looks way too happy to have his Jeep stuck in the crack of giant rock "steps." ;) Looks like it was an awesome trip! Miss you guys! And how do you do the picture slide-show thing?

J and M Lloyd, est. 2004 said...

We also love Moab, and need to go again. Okay, Chloe's hair looks like it's grown. And love the slides. So easy and fun to do.

Sidebar: I don't have a teacher at Lindon this year, but I drive through Lindon. I need to stop by & say hi. John's there this semester doing NOVA in the 6th grade.