Sunday, July 26, 2009


Today was Chloe's first time in nursery and overall, she did pretty darn good! Granted we were in there with her the whole time because we are now nursery workers.

It just seems like yesterday that we were bringing her to church for the first time all covered and bundled up in her car seat to protect her from all the nasty germs the doctor warned us about and now here we are, she's 18 months old, ready for what do we do? We stick her in a tiny room with 15 kids with who knows what kinds of germs and let her play with all the same toys they were just sucking on...ahh, the joys of nursery. Thank goodness for hand sanitizer. We had just a few minor tantrums when someone tried to take a toy that she had, but what do you expect from an only child.

Since we were already in the room, we couldn't help but document this monumental event. So, Aaron pulled out his phone and snapped a few shots of Chloe during snack and coloring time. She looks so small compared to the other children, but at least there was one little boy who actually had less hair than she does!

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Kari said...

Yeah for nursery! It's so fun to see how they interact with others and what they do during singing and lesson time. I'm jealous you guys snapped a few pics- I always wanted to do that with Addie, but since we're not in nursery, it would have been a little... weird. 5 more months until Molly goes in, we can't wait! She's ready now!! Have fun in there!