Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girls Weekend

This past weekend all five of Aaron's sisters came into town for a girls weekend. It was a jam packed weekend full of eating and shopping! The girls didn't come in until late Friday night so we just met up for dessert and a short visit.

On Saturday, we went to the play "Thoroughly Modern Millie." It is a musical set in the 1920's. If any of you get the chance to see it, I definitely recommend it. After the play we went to dinner, then we realized that we needed to figure out what to have for dinner the next night so we could get what we needed from the store. We literally sat around and discussed for over an hour what to have! It goes to prove that when you are not hungry nothing sounds good!

Since we didn't want to go out on Sunday we had a big family dinner. It was nice to be able to just sit around and visit. Most of the sisters had only seen Chloe once so it was fun for them to get to play with her. They also spoiled her rotten with gifts. Angela got Chloe a baby doll and she loves it. She drags it all around the house and points to its eyes and nose.

Monday was our big shopping day and it was a lot of fun. Those girls sure can shop! I got some cute Valentines Day and Easter decorations for the house and a new book for Chloe. It was weird because that day was the first time that I had willingly left Chloe for such a long time. As fun as it was, I sure like having her around...I miss her too much when we're apart

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